Event Details

  • R Study Group - Co-working Project
  • Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 3:00PM - 5:00PM - This event is now over
  • Type: Workshop
  • Series: Graduate Student Workshop
  • Location: Room 153
  •  Koerner Building-Staff Board RoomsClick here for map
  •  Point Grey Campus
  • Description: Join the R Study Group and work on an ongoing group project - hone your skills in Shiny, Leaflet, API, and time series analysis.

    The project is intended to be an ongoing learning opportunity. It combines four key elements:

    -Shiny application development
    -Leaflet mapping in R
    -curl/JSON/API interaction
    -Statistical (time series) analysis

    The app will use the Trasnlink API to search bus routes & transit hub locations to tell users whether they should 'just walk', or stay and wait for the bus. It's intended to provide a probability density function (or something) that can tell you whether, on average, your travel time is faster staying or waiting.

    The repository is called ShouldIStayOrShouldIGo.

    Presented by UBC's R Study Group.

  • Facilitator(s): Milena Constanda, Susan Atkey

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