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  • Pixelating Webinar on the Digital Scholar Lab - Digital Humanities Without Scripts and Programming?
  • Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 12:00PM - 4:00PM - This event is now over
  • Type: Workshop
  • Series: Graduate Student Workshop Series
      Digital Humanities
      Research Commons Workshops
  • Location: Room 153
  •  Koerner Building-Staff Board RoomsClick here for map
  •  Point Grey Campus
  • Description: Join us as for a live webinar on the use of Digital Scholar Lab a promising tool that enables users at any level to perform textual analysis on large corpora of historical texts, streamlining the workflow process to help generate new research insights.   Digital Scholar Lab allows users to apply natural language processing tools to raw text data (OCR) from Gale Primary Sources archives in a single research platform that could not have been done in the past without extensive knowledge of computing languages for querying data such as R or Python..

    In the past, working with big data for analysis required hurdles to jump before a humanities researcher could conduct text mining and analysis.   Even most out-out-the-box applications still required technical knowledge to install and use command line operations, rendering using them out of the scope for many students and researchers in the humanities.

     Enabling a point-and-click approach to link the content sets created within the platform directly with the digital tools to analyze them, the Digital Scholar Labresearch environment provides:

  • 1. access to a wide variety of texts from Gale Primary Source
  • 2. the ability to build custom-curated content sets from these collections.
  • 3. access to powerful text mining tools which are embedded in the dataset curation process.
  • 4. the organization of research in one space. the ability to export statistical data and
  • 5. visualization outputs from your analysis.

    As UBC Library embarks on a one-month subscription trial of Digital Scholar Lab, we invite you to join us for this webinar on using this tool.  

    The Pixelating DH Series provide soft chairs, tables, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of. You bring your laptops, DH projects, and ideas.
  • Facilitator(s): Allan Cho, Susan Atkey, Larissa Ringham

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